EagleEye GS 90-100


GoPro™ Hero™ 3 has a fantastic small versatile camera. TPL has created an attachment
for a gun scope that finally allows to record or view in real time the video from
the shooter. GoPro™ Hero™3 versatile camera can use WiFi or wire to output HDTV
feed showing what the shooter sees in his scope. EagleEye product will withstand
the gun recoil to 50cal and easily mounts on any scope neck from 30mm to 36mm
diameter. An optional quick-release latch will allow rapid attachment. Record your
hunting or shooting session!

Hero™ 3 cameras provide 12Mpixel photo and video recording capability, including
1080p at 60fps using standard H.264 format. Cameras can be remotely controlled by
WiFi with smartphones and tablets. GoPro™ devices can simultaneously record photos
and videos.

Connect EagleEye to your gun scope and record/display the shooting practice!

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Attachment Any gun scope with tube diameter from 30mm to 36mm
Camera GoPro™ Hero™ 3 housing (camera not included)
Gun Scope Any gun scope with eye relief from 85mm to 100mm
Field-of-View Camera will record what Gun Scope reticle shows
Display/Output Supports all GoPro™ options
Size 155mm x 129mm x 82mm
Weight 625g without Hero™ 3
Power Supports all GoPro™ options


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Support for EagleEye GS 90-100™

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