The revolutionary xWinds (“Crosswinds”) system provides first-of-its-kind training aid for the hardest skill sniper has to master – Wind Estimation and Visualization. Real-time view of crosswinds throughout the entire range using network of wireless sensors.

Wireless anemometers are weather proof and self configuring, making deployment and use as easy as turning on your computer.

Tablet PC shows full wind profile, plus a ballistic holdoff for that profile based on your selected rifle and bullet, maximizing your long-range shooting accuracy in even the windiest conditions.

  • Provides a real-time view of the crosswind throughout the entire range using a network of self-assembling wireless rugged anemometers
  • Transmits wind readings from the entire field to a tablet PC for both instructor and student usage
  • Students and trainers alike can rapidly tie the visual cues downrange to specific wind values and provide trainees needed feedback immediately
  • Eliminates guessing the wind – now an exact measurement of the wind profile along the entire path is available with convenient display of values depending on the ballistic system being used
  • Using the integrated VBS ballistics software, elevation and windage holds are updated in real time with the entire profile of the wind, nearly guaranteeing a shot on target
Update Rate 1-4 Hz
Wind Measurement Accuracy 2% at 12 m/s (0.25m/s)
Maximum Station Spacing >200m
Battery Runtime Indefinitely with solar panel (1 week without)
Wind Sensor Height Adjustable 6-12 feet
Anemometer Station Components Wind sensor, tripod, guy wires,solar panel, battery
Base Station Components Rugged Laptop/Tablet, Kestrel
Recommended Number of Stations Range Length Stations
600m  1,000m  1,500m 5810


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