Campanile 212

Campanile 212 is a direct extension to the Beam 210 system. Campanile has multiple electro-optic sensors allowing the operator to focus on targets found by the Beam and to make effective decisions quickly. Campanile can provide variety of EO/IR payloads with the following capabilities:

  • Unique EO/IR cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom
  • Excellent performance with Image Enhancement features
  • Full integration with Beam control software to quickly track targets
  • Variety of sensors can be utilized in custom made payloads, including:
    • Daylight color HD cameras
    • Special Night Vision capability HD cameras
    • Cooled or Uncooled Thermal Imaging Cameras with a line of lenses
    • Laser Pointer
  • Remote control over Ethernet LAN or WAN
  • Full recording capabilities