LightSpeed™ B22

LightSpeed B22 is a bi-directional data, voice, and video optical communications system

Non-RF, Covert, Optical Communications System

The eye-safe IR LED allows non-visible communications between units at distances up to 2.5km. Provides full-duplex voice communication, functions as a network link to a remote computing device or to another system via USB network connection and measures distances between LightSpeed devices with very high accuracy to provide distance, velocity and acceleration.

  • Highly secure, extremely LPI/LPD, anti-jammable communication system
  • Enables bi-directional Data, Voice, and Video
  • Can act as a point-to-point LAN extension
  • Built upon the highest quality Leica optical binocular system
  • 100% eye-safe IR LED communications
  • Wide field-of-view
  • Perfect for emergency and temporary communications
  • Handheld or tripod mounted for ease of use
  • Provides a flexible alternative to cables
  • Operates even in fog at distances 5-6 times the visibility limit