TPS Optical Solution


Torrey Pines Logic, Inc. designed and built the Zero Lens,™ an optical alignment kit that enables the use of a PVS-14 night vision monocular to be mounted in front of day optic and allows nighttime engagement capability with no shift of your point of impact. Image intensification efficiency of the PVS-14 is maintained by front mounting, and resolution of the produced image is improved as it passes through the Zero Lens.™

The standard quick detach mounting system enables rapid installation and removal, allowing easy transition of the PVS-14 between handheld, helmet mounted, or weapon mounted use as needed during operations. Once set, the Zero Lens™ will maintain alignment between the day sight and the adjusted PVS-14 when it is re-installed.

The Zero Lens™ is a rugged, non-electronic, compact device that adds capability to your existing inventory of optics at a fraction of the cost of adding new standalone systems.