D2™ Laser Detector

 Personal Laser Warning Safety Device

The D2™ is a passive laser warning receiver that features a higher wavelength band of detection than its predecessor the D1™. It detects and coarsely locates laser emissions from other hunters’ laser devices and rangefinders. The device enhances safety and survivability for today’s battlefield environment by notifying an operator of any and all classes of commercial and military laser devices.

The D2™ will alert its wearer of laser emissions through selectable audible, visual, and tactile feedback. It can also be connected to a management system and provide laser warning as a defensive aid via USB C port.

The D2™ is tuned to minimize false alarms while maintaining an ultra-fast response time of less than 50 milliseconds. The system can be worn anywhere on the body; typically, on the chest or back or attached to a helmet.


Detection Range
up to 1 km for commercial LRF
up to 2 km for military LRF
210° horizontal x 120° vertical
Frequency Range Detection
750 to 1700 nm
Detection Direction
Left, Center, Right
Detection Notification
LED, sound and vibration
2 x CR123 batteries or USB
Working Time on Battery
8 hrs
101 x 65 x 32 mm
110 g w/ battery
Velcro strap or 1/4-20 tripod mount
Torrey Pines Logic's Laser Detection D2 main illustration