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Sentinel™ S45

Detect Optical Systems Targeting You!

  • VIP security
  • Fast scanning capability
  • Sniper detection
  • All-weather, 24-hour surveillance
  • Video and photography detection
  • Vehicle or pole/building mounted
  • Border protection
  • Detection of cameras and scopes
  • Security of important locations
  • Monitoring and automatic alerts

New Advances in Sentinel™:

  • Auto-focus
  • Geo-locates targets
  • Compass, inclinometer, GPS position
  • Internal still/video recording (SD card)
  • Waterproof (IP65)
  • Built-in high capacity battery
  • Full PC remote control and video interface
  • Advanced clutter rejection technology


L (w/ eyecup) x W (w/ handles)
x H (w/ feet)
296 x 172 x 75 mm (11.65 x 6.77 x 2.95 in)
2.8 kg (6.16 lbs) w/ battery
Operating Temperature
-10° C to +50° C
Storage Temperature
-20° C to +55° C
Operational Humidity
Less than 95% RH
Class 1 (IEC60825-1 compliance)
Max. Detection Range*
8,202 ft (2500 m)*
Measurement Accuracy
16′ (5m)


Vertical 2.8° / Horizontal 3.7°
Viewer Field-of-View
Vertical 3°/ Horizontal 4°
Laser Classification
Variable (depot programmable)
Video Signal Output
CCIR/PAL or EIA/NTSC (selectable)
Battery Input Voltage
External Input Voltage
Continuous Battery Operation
6 hours+
Power Consumption
5W nominal / 10W maximum

*Maximum ranges vary based on operating environment. Sentinel performance depends on environmental conditions, such as atmosphere transparency (fog, dust level, smoke content), atmospheric precipitation (rain, snow), ascendant heat flows, luminosity of light background, light conditions, as well as characteris- tics of the target optical device.