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Continuous Wind Monitoring

Torrey Pines Logic has developed a robust crosswind measurement system for snipers that can be easily adapted to perform wind measurement from an aerostat platform or ground station out to 5-6 km.

  • Unexpected wind gusts have resulted in several aerostat tether failures, causing down time that result in surveillance gaps and may have significant recovery costs
  • VENOM™ LX wind measurement produces a low cost Wind LIDAR system capable of measuring winds out to 5-6 km from the aerostat
  • Crosswind and vertical wind measured to 2 mph accuracy
  • 360° scanning of the surveillance area provides operators with continuous monitoring of upcoming wind conditions, allowing for sufficient time to moor the aerostat
  • Operator software visualizes the wind speed and vector. Trends, gusts, and wind speed predictions will provide the operator with sufficient information to decide to moor the aerostat or not
  • Total package weight estimate (depending on options): 12 lbs
  • Total package power estimate (depending on options): 18 W
Torrey Pines Logic's VenomLX main illustration