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LightSpeed™ l1

Voice Comms Flashlight

Ability to communicate without radio (non-RF) is critical to many tactical situations. The Free Space Optical (FSO) communications allow to signal and communication with “stereophonic quality” voice in environments where radio communication are either not allowed or not available. Clear optical comms in the airport settings, aircraft to aircraft and number of other situations are finally here with an easy-to-use LightSpeed™ L1 tactical flashlight. Whether in combat or on humanitarian missions world-wide, just aim the flashlight and talk! Standard batteries will last for 12+ hours of continuous communications. 

System comes with two unit and their tactical headsets. Flashlights are pocketable and ready to use instantly as you connect the headset. No RF emitted from these secure eye safe FSO set and it is fully compliant with any EMI/RFI environment. 


1-2 km
Voice, Data
L1 for voice only
7 x 3.5 x 1.9 in
580 g
1⁄4” – 20 Tripod base mount
Dick Clark or Peltor headsets
3 x 18650 Rechargeable batteries
Torrey Pines Logic's LightSpeed L1 main illustration