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Beam™ 85

Detect Optical Systems Targeting You!

  • VIP security
  • Ready for 360° scanning
  • Sniper detection
  • All-weather, 24-hour surveillance
  • Video and photography detection
  • Vehicle or pole/building mounted
  • Border protection
  • GPS position/target and video recording
  • Security of important location


Size (L x W x H)
5.7 x 5.6 x 3 in (145 x 141 x 76 mm)
2.76 lbs (1,250 g) w/o batteries
Storage Temperature
-10° C to +55° C
Operating Temperature
-5° C to +50° C
Operating Humidity
To 98% @25° C
DC Power
12-16 VDC
Battery Supply Option 1
2 Li-Ion battery type LC 18650
Battery Supply Option 2
4Li battery type CR123
Video & Photo Recording
SD card for video and photo recording
Video Output
NTSC/PAL video output
Detection Range*
from 50 m up to 2000 m
Measurement Accuracy
10 m
Detection Field-of-View
Vertical 2°/Horizontal scanning
Max. Scan rate @ Full Range
*Minimum and maximum ranges vary based on operating environment. Beam perform- ance depends on environmental conditions, such as atmosphere transparency (fog, dust level, smoke content), atmospheric precipitation (rain, snow), ascendant heat flows, luminosity of light background, light conditions, as well as characteristics of the target optical device.